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Friending Post

Well, I don't think there will be people who want to friend me. But if you do, I'll be glad of course! Though I no longer have the habit of updating blog nowadays, I'll still try my best to keep this LJ alive. So if you want to know me better, feel free to comment here~^^

I no longer have the habit of adding people as well, so if you want me to friend you back, let me know if not I will not do anything.

That's all! Thanks a lot!

But the way, almost all my posts are public~

(I just changed the date. It's my birthday. But just a day before it will be NEWS 10th Anniversary as well. I hope I'm there in Japan with them! :) )


Suddenly have an urge to update.

Although I don't really know what to include.

And I got stuck here.



My goals for this year are probably accomplished. 

I probably didn't have any goals in the first place.

Anyway, thanks for the splendid time in Japan, and the precious memories that only you were able to create.

Looking forward to the next time meeting you.


Sales Post - Ai, Texas (Yamashita Tomohisa)


I am selling the following Ai, Texas singles (all new and unopened):
  • LE A (DVD)
  • LE B (24P Photo Booklet)
  • RE (all songs)
  • Lawson LE (5 extra interchangeable CD Jackets)

Please follow the following links for photos.

Lawson LE
The poster

  1. I am living in Singapore. 
  2. Due to the unexpected creation of various version, I ended up with too many extra copies.
  3. Collection will be meet-up basis, at both parties' convenience, unless otherwise requested.
  4. Due to some mishaps (probably) during shipping of the singles, the Lawson LE suffered a little and there're minor cracks on the cover case.
  5. Poster is size B2 (estimated).
  6. Lawson LE does not come with poster.
  7. Interested parties may comment or email me at maoling.amane@gmail.com
  8. I will have an extra "Warner Shop Limited Edition" which comes with extra DVD footages and another version of poster (hopefully) during late April too. If anyone's interested, please let me know.
  9. Haven't been doing sales post for a long time so may not address all concerns. Please feel free to ask. :)

Price (SGD)
  • Limited Edition A (with poster)/(without poster) - $36.50/$30.50
  • Limited Edition B (with poster)/(without poster) - $32/$26
  • Regular Edition (with poster)/(without poster) - $28/$22
  • Lawson Limited Edition (without poster) - $28
  • Lawson Limited Edition (with poster) - $36 (Only 1 copy, the poster is from my collection.)
  • Poster only (if there are leftovers from the above) - $10

And I wonder if there's still any hardcore NEWS/Pi fan like me left in Singapore now......

Thanks everyone if you took your time to read this post. :)

Ashita no Joe

Actually, I don't think this post will be on this movie at all. It just happened that I watched this movie hours ago. :) Anyway, just feel like typing a short post about anything random running in my mind, to release whatever stress or troubles which I might be facing. 

So.. I want to quit my job. Yes and I will do it. With all my determination. I have to act quick as there are many people going to resign soon. I have to be faster than them if not I'll be forced to stay definitely. I have to be firm and stand by my decisions. :) Anyway, my future plans are decided. Just about how to go about it. 

My aim is, to work overseas ultimately. However, for a head start, I probably have to find another stable job with a good income to sustain my daily necessities. (Plus my spontaneous Japan trip) *laughs* Then start a degree programme if I can afford to. I aim to start the programme a year or probably a year and a half from now. Because I understand I'll take a while to save up money. Plus spontaneous Japan trips you see. *oops* Then after the completion, which I hope not to drag for more than 2 or 3 years, I'll either find a better job in Singapore, with better pay, or basically try for jobs overseas. And yes, you probably know where exactly overseas I was referring to. *laughs*

I thought I would want to try out for the JET route. However seems like there are other routes available, and I just got a good news from my friend today that there's a recruitment agency in Singapore which cater to jobs overseas as well. I shall try it out the week after. I shall try to dress up and be more presentable. With light make up if possible. And I already have what to wear in my mind. Even though it might seems casual, I would say it's smart casual? :)

Alright. Then. Who knows. This might be the turning point of my life. After 2 and half years in F&B line, I'm really exhausted. Not to mention the new environment I am in now, it's draining all my energy. Last time no matter how tired I was, I could still manage to work, and to fangirl whichever however whenever I want. Nowadays, I have almost abandoned my fangirling. All I do was listening to music, and usually outdated. Sad.

So now I want to regain my wonderful life. When I just started out to work. I earn little. But I could enrich myself with Japanese Language studies, tuition which gives me more income, surfing internet almost every night and still had the energy to meet friends up during off days. 

Anyway, last bit of randomness. Pi looks so kakkouii (correct spelling, but seriously I just feel like typing kakkoi instead..) in the movie!!!!! Like a fangirl, I let out a soft scream when he shook his hips in the movie. 

Another thing. I saw this gif which my friend showed me just now. It was in the making of Mahou no MELODY. My goodness, I could just stare at that gif for as long as possible and feeling nothing else but happiness. Tegomass. *laughs* Can't help but love them. Really. You know it's highly possibly that you'll never see the four with the other two together. TOGETHER. But you can never stop loving them. Because they are so lovely. But you know what? There will be NEWS anyway during the countdown concert NO MATTER WHAT. Pi will also be there NO MATTER WHAT. K8 most probably will be there live, if not at least SNG NO MATTER WHAT. So no matter what, you're still seeing them. Just not together. And they always break up the groups to sing different songs, so I believe you'll still see Pi with at least one member singing, during the countdown. In fact now I look forward to countdown, and I know I'll not get disappointed. Because I believe in the bonds, and that it will never be broken even though they are now apart. And I secretly wish that they will announce another news saying that they will rejoin after a few years or something. *laughs*

Alright that'll be all. :)

It has been long

Hello everyone. Though I believe there's no one left. Anyway, it has been long since I've updated here. I.. Seriously speaking, I know I probably should have tried to maintain this account, but I did not. And only when such a thing happened, then I recalled my account, and I came back here. I think it's probably because I also want to resume the previous support I was able to give.

First and foremost, addressing the most important issue that made me come back to LJ. I miss NEWS. I really miss NEWS. Now I know if I continue to neglect one day I will never be able to see NEWS anymore. As a NEWS fan, I have been waiting for them. Probably everyone else did. It probably wasn't obvious, but I am still waiting for them and I will be there when they have any news. It was devastating when I saw the official news regarding the departure of 2 members.

I saw on my fb updates, that someone posted a picture when NEWS were hosting Soukon. Then some comments said about them being 4P. I didn't quite understand and I thought they were just talking randomly. Even so, reading those comments was already making my eyes wet. Then finally I don't know how but I found another post which had official notice, and more news about it. Finally I couldn't take it I went to check my Jweb app and yes, the notice was there. Together with everyone's comment. Before I knew it I was crying hard. Out loud. As if a part of my heart was taken out. Left hollow, empty. 

I should have seen it coming. Because NEWSMILE jweb was taken away a few days before it happened. A week before I was suddenly reminiscing all the NEWS videos. And very coincidentally a year ago exactly on that date, 7th Oct, I posted on my blog saying that I love NEWS. It was just a week after attending their LIVE3 concert. I can't believe that it has become their last concert of 6P. LIVE album being the last, and Fighting Man being the last. And it was released on Ryo's birthday not to mention. So many so many things that were commemorative, their 8th anniversary and all. I even thought that one day Pi will be the one bringing NEWS worldwide, letting everyone know how great they are as a team.

Today I spoke to a very close friend of mine, who was the one brought me to liking NEWS. She was the one who introduced them to me, but eventually I was the only one who continued since then, 4 years plus before, on the 17 June when I started to like Pi. Then 1st July when I officially announced to her that I like NEWS(probably because Pi was in it last time). But you know what? Unless it is good, it will not attract my attention. It did not take long for me to like NEWS as a whole, and as a whole, not just Pi alone. Today I noticed the difference between myself and her. She watched them, and treat them like members in a group. I don't. I watch them, and see them like friends together. Yes they are members, but it's the friendship and bonds which make me believe in them, like them, want to support them. I believe it's very true for many other fans and of many other groups. We fangirl them as they are ikemen and all. But I believe it's not so superficial in every fangirl, it's because we all saw the bonding and friendship and we want these to last.

I just want the friendship between 6P to last. If this separation is going to tighten the 6P's bonds, just like how Pi said in his lyrics, 「例え離れてたって 心は一つに繋がってるよ いるよそばに I promise you」, I'll really be glad and that means we will still be able to see these interactions. However, it just seems like only Kei will be doing the contacting with Pi and Ryo. Who knows. 

Yes I'm still a little Pi biased. I think. Because I realise I miss all those Massupi, Tegopi, Ryopi, Keipi and Shigepi interactions. However, it does not mean that I don't miss those Shigeryo, Massuryo, Keiryo and Tegoryo interactions. And the regular Tegomass, Koyashige, Tegoshige, Massukei, Tegokei and Massushige. I just love them 6P together even though their MC might be boring to some or they can never talk continuously or they are not fun they are far from each other they have no eye interactions they are not close they don't play around whatsoever. I was tired of those comments. 

Anyway, one of my friend told me she held a ritual crying every year on that day her favourite band disbanded. Why do I have a feeling that I will be doing the same thing? But they are still around, and I know I'm going to support them even more. It's just that their songs stir up my emotions at the moment and I still can't watch them without any thoughts running in my mind.

Even though NEWS is no longer 6P, I really hope to see them together on stage one day, again. 

With this,

I Love NEWS. I love all 6 of them even though they may not be together anymore. I love them for being different individuals and I will support them no matter what. 頑張ってNEWS!

I'm still alive

 I thought I should post once in a while. Even though like I said before, I still have tons of email not replied, files not uploaded and all. I admit I'm a procrastinator. Sorry everyone.

Anyway, just want to announce that, my new mobile phone which I've only got for a month at most, is damaged. Water corrosion. Yeah. I didn't like that phone anyway. But that's just too fast!!!!! Within a month?! My shortest period with a new phone. I hope I can take care of my N8 when I get it.

And yeah I've pre-ordered my N8!!! I hope I can really get it! Well I sent in my pre-order already, so by right I should have it right? Even though I'm not putting a deposit yet. Well I just hope I can get it. My dream Orange N8. :)

Lastly, I miss NEWS. Chant "NEWS NEWS NEWS" for a great day ahead. :) Everyone let's do it with me. "NEWS NEWS NEWS!!!" :)

I watched SBS, and I really hope to watch LIVE3 soon. Sakura no youna kimi deshita! Natsu no mae ni kimi ni aeta kara~! Akaku moyuru taiyo tokete yuku! Minna iru kai~! You are the one mou hanasanai Yubisaki de fureta kuchibiru! Mezase wonderland takaku sono kobushi agete! Maiagare sora takaku~! 

That's all. Kyou kara we are fighting man~!


Even though I have to wake up early for work tomorrow, I have tons of email not replied, many audio files from LIVE3 concert not edited and uploaded and many more, I just have to


Then finish fangirling NEWS, and go to sleep. :) Wake up a happy fangirl, and worry about all the things above undone. *laughs*

NEWS Fighting Man is WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't find any words or expressions to describe NEWS seriously. They are just... My everything. I'll say.

RyoPi hug, LIVE feel Fighting Man, hyper Pi and everyone elses. Hyper Pi. Hyper Pi. *laughs* I can watch it non-stop!! If only I don't have work tomorrow. 

Just to jot down my fangirling. :)


And long time no see everyone. I hope I'll be active on LJ once again. :)

Great NEWS!!

Yeah! Finally some decent updates since I-Don't-Know-When. Announcements + updates + slight flailings~

- Code Blue 2 is confirmed!!! (I love this drama seriously~)
- Pi is having solo concerts!!
- I'm flying to Japan tomorrow and will be watching the concerts!
- I'll be watching Massu's stageplay too!
- I'm meeting mousee_kitty in Japan!!
- My phone number has finally changed so pleaase email me at maoling-amane@gmail.com if you didn't get my new number~

This is my first trip overseas and it's to my dreamland Japan to watch my favourite idol Yamashite Tomohisa!! :)

So take care everyone!


As in really news.

I got my SIM card already.
Everyone who still wants to stay in contact with me, can you kindly SMS me at the same number with your name?
Thank you so much~^^
I really need to get my contacts back.

small update?Collapse )
So take care everyone!

Thank you

Not sure if everyone will get to read this post. But I really feel like thanking everyone who has played a part in my life.

Thank you for bringing joy to my life.
Thank you for being there when I needed you.
Thank you for giving encouragement and support for everything I do.
Thank you for trusting me.

There are so many people I want to thank. Family, friends, people whom I may not have met and even my idols. Thanks for the support. Even though life may be tough, knowing that there are still people around and behind me comforts me. I'm really glad to be such a fortunate person with people supporting me regardless of my decision.